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Battle Between Ice and Fire - New York City Event

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Tonight, might have been the biggest moment in television history, it was confirmed the longest battle scene. Sitting in my apartment in New York City, with a room of friends it is dead. Through the window you can’t see a light on in a six-story building. Dark rooms with shining TVs, and we have said that television is dead.

Game of Thrones Book Series

In the climaxes of the event you can hear cheers and stomps throughout the building. The anticipation of this event took most people’s lives. At work, school, and around the city conversations about theories, gambling pools of who dies first, and comments about the previous episode. The first Song of Ice and Fire book readers have been waiting 23 years for the battle between Ice and Fire, show watchers have waited 8 years and we have become emotionally invested. To say we are committed is an understatement.

Game of Thrones Season 1

So much has changed in that time, our favorite characters have come and gone. CGI has taken over the show, we get excited when we get a glimpse of ghost. I am amazed by how much the viewers of this story have changed. I can’t imagine what the OG readers have gone through, how much they have changed. What are they thinking now? Are they satisfied with the wait or did they give up a long time ago? Many milestones were met tonight, but I hope one of them is the satisfaction of so many viewers and readers.

To people that don’t watch the show, or even care about the event you are perplexed why the world seems to have stopped. I want to see the viewer numbers and insights to see its true magnitude. From my interactions people were more invested tonight then they were in the

Super Bowl. What event does this compare to for you? To me it matches the Harry Potter Deathly Hallows Part 2 Movie. That was an accumulation of my childhood, so many movie nights, and hours spent nose in book. I feel the same love, and commitment to this storyline of Ice and Fire. I want theories to be true, and we all need to trust George Martin to see us through!

I want to hear your stories of the event! Please comment them, what was going on in your city, or lives in the build up to this release? How did you feel during and after the show? Were you an OG reader, or a late adopter like myself?

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