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Facebook and Instagram Intermingle Chat

Facebook Messenger and Instagram Logo

According to Adriana Lee of Instagram is now fully integrated it’s Messenger App with Facebook’s messenger app. According to Lee it is, “part of the parent company’s (Facebook) strategy to more tightly unite its apps”.

WhatsApp Facebook Messenger Instagram Logos

The update doesn’t integrate all Facebook owned messenger applications, like WhatsApp, because of the end-to-end encryption of some messenger apps (WhatsApp). The new integration is supposed to bring 10 of Messenger’s features to the Instagram Messenger. Facebook has developed privacy controls in its account settings to accommodate users in this new integration“. The settings also let users choose who can or can’t appear in their main Chats list, fine-tuning who gets shuttled off to the Message Request folder or gets blocked. Here, they can also control other features that work across apps, including Single Sign On and Facebook Pay”.


I think this is a huge boom for users and businesses who operate on these platforms. Specifically, I think clothing lines that already have an already high placement on Instagram’s algorithm will be able to communicate with customers that aren’t directly on the platform.

The integration also allows users to communicate to multiple platforms, Facebook and Instagram from one application and will organize communication for brands. No longer do brands have to monitor both social media platform services if Facebook and other social medias continue to integrate publishing tools and communication tools. I do see how this integrate hurts brands; in terms of the platforms I believe it will allow users to be active one account instead of two now which may hurt brand pages on platforms where their customer will abandon activity.

This new integration is something brands will have to pay attention to and capitalize on in order to reap the benefits. Brands will also have to adapt their social media content strategy to continue to engage customers who no longer need to be active on both platforms to use the messaging services.

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