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  • Richie Doherty

How to use Google Reviews to grow your business

According to Kristen McCormick of, "Google reviews impact your ability to acquire new customers not only through your reputation, but also through your rank". Business owners understand the effect reviews can have on the eyes of their customers, but I'm not sure that they understand the effect it can have on their digital marketing. Google Reviews play into several factors of the an overall brand marketing strategy.

For Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Google Reviews play a large factor in where your business and product rank on a search result page and in Google Advertising. Google takes the advice and recommendation of the users to places your brand in higher in the results or ad placement. In Google Advertising this can lead to more reach (visibility) for your ads and a decrease in your bid price for each view. SEO is a long play game that many businesses accomplish by just constantly releasing content. Google Reviews are an alternative that will increase your brand in the eyes of Google.

Google Reviews also help to increase brand trust in terms of new customers. There are two phases to the customer journey in the digital marketing world. There is discovery where the customer finds your brand or product and decides if they are interested or not. Then there is the conversion phase, are they going to buy the product or use your service. According to Khalid Saleh of 90% of users will read reviews before they visit a business and 88% of users trust online reviews more than recommendations by friends. If you own or operate a business and you don't actively manage your review system you're aren't converting all of your possible new customers. Reviews help capture customers that are actively looking for your services, they are interested in buying. You've already spent some of your marketing budget to get them interested, you just need strong reviews to get them from interested into actively buying.

Google Reviews are free advertising! It's content and advertising that's always visible on Google and was created by someone else, your customers. The higher amount of reduces your bid price for Google Advertising. If you have high reviews you get to pay less for a higher placement in the Search Results.

If you operate or own a business you need to focus on Google Reviews. Managing them, acquiring them, and using them to grow your brand. Google Reviews helps to improve your SEO rankings, they encourage interested customer to take the final step and buy your product, finally they help to reduce your overall marketing budget. Maximize your business and actively manage your Google Reviews.


If you operate a business and you want to increase your brand image contact us and we will put together a plan to manage your Google Reviews.

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