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How Social Media Affects Who Won The Debate

I'm going to say this right away, this is not a political piece. This is a review of how social media and search results can affect people's opinion of the recent Presidential and Vice-Presidential debates. I want business owners to understand that their product or business can be influenced in a good or by way by the brand image they portray online. I'm sure both presidential campaigns are preparing for the next debate to win the social media front of the debate.

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Just by googling “US Presidential Debate Review” and reading headlines you would think that the POTUS and VPOTUS spewed lies and got destroyed in the most recent debates. I tried to find two articles that would be from less bias sources than what Google’s search algorithm thinks I want. I chose Anthony Zurcher of BBC news who was of the belief that Joe Biden held the upper hand on brand image. Zurcher wrote,“If only because his main goal was to prove to Americans that he could hold up under pressure, that he had not lost a step due to his advancing age. He had to show he could take a pie to the face, metaphorically speaking, and keep his cool”.

The influence this writer has by broadcasting his opinion to his audience will sway how people perceived the POTUS and former Vice President Joe Biden. After reading that quote you might think that the former Vice President was composed and didn't show signs of his advanced age like some are reporting. That is an example of how product reviews or social media postings can influence people's opinions and beliefs. As a business you need to control the search results around your products and the image you're portraying online.

Now moving on the Vice Presidential Debate. According to Bill Barrow and Jill Colvin of the Chicago Tribune who summarized the 8 key takeaways of the Vice-Presidential Debate. The writing pair provided an overview of each participants points of views and actions on the matter, but in my opinion consistently sided with VPOTUS challenger Kamala Harris. They did of course have to touch on the fly incident, “Most prominent were the two minutes when a fly rested on Pence’s well-combed white hair. Pence did not flinch. The internet exploded”.

It seems to me that just by looking at the news I had available to me that Biden Harris’ brand image increases after the debate whilst the Trump Pence image took a hit. A particularly smelly one considering the fly.

It does go to show you the power that social media and search platforms have to influence perception on these debates. If you're a business owner make sure you're capitalizing on your brand image and presenting yourself accordingly online. You can release content to control what appears when someone searches your product or brand. Another thing you can do is manage your pages and interact with customers so they have a understanding of your brand. They may even release content for you on your behalf! That is when your brand is working for you.


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your brand or product.

Comment an instance when you were affected by social media perception.

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