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Marketers have changed the way they advertise to you

An article written August 2nd, 2019 by Chris Spelman, Marketing Director at Fox Theatrical, and Jason Runyan, Head of Digital Marketing at 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment tells the story of how 20th Century Fox optimized their storytelling in video marketing by sequencing their videos ads. They developed ad sequences for movies with different lengths, character plots and wording for the same overall campaign idea. The sequences were based off of the number of impressions a user had on their previous advertisements. The skippable ads built a story for a character/move or reinforced an idea about the film. The process would look like this, a user would see the first ad, and even if they skipped the next 20th Century Fox advertisement they would see would bee the second ad in the sequence. Using brand lift surveys on their experiments, 20th Century Fox was able to adjust ad spend behind high performing ads, measure character’s popularity with fans, and drive purchase intent with single skippable bumper ads.

Deadpool Movie, Character Douchbags vs. Heroes
Example of what character building advertising might look like.

According to five billion videos are view on Youtube each day. I am one of those people that rarely watches television and would rather opt for watching a Youtube video. The majority of the video ads I consumer are on Youtube, and I think what 20th Century Fox is offering is a much better option than the generic ads that TikTok keeps sending me. I watch Youtube movie ads often until competition, and even if I don’t, if the movie seems interesting I will go search for trailers or other content. I also think the progressive ads are a great way to stay fresh. They still send the same overall message the user but provide a new way for the user to understand your message just in case they missed it the first time. We have seen other trends where digital marketers are personalizing display and SERP ads, this is just the more interesting version of that.

Now marketers are creating multiple ads for first, second and third interactions, they are even creating ads for users based off of demographic and previous actions. For example, in an article written by Kristen Shipley for Think Google in April 2019, Abreva, the cold sore medication brand, started with 4 base videos and created 119 different ads with varying text based off of the interest of the user. Shipley writes about how the personalized ad approach lifted awareness and consideration for Abreva: “Abreva saw a 41% lift in overall ad recall and a 342% lift in search interest among its target audience across Google and YouTube”.


It is important for marketers to understand their customers, their wants and needs, so they can cater the product to those wants and needs. Unique ads, whether they are video, or search related, allow marketers to optimize their message to the user by staying connected with them through buying process with fresh material. As we have seen in these articles companies are finding a way to increase their revenue by investing in unique ads based off of interactions and preferences.

Please comment below, do you remember a story line of advertisement? Was there a time when an advertisement just seemed to speak to your needs?

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