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  • Richie Doherty

MOG Technologies Releases Publishing Software

According to, MOG Technology has released a new publication software that allows content managers to display videos on multiple site. The content includes not only record videos but live streams as well. The new model was released for it mfxSpeedrail central ingest product to get more focus on social media ingest. According to Phil Kurz, “The new software application supports multiple social media video content streams with up to four live and four video-on-demand (VOD) operations at the same time”. The new version allows content mangers to receive data from users on social media platforms and distribute content to the social media platforms. Mod Technology was presented the new software update at a virtual events September 11th - 30th.

I think that this upgrade in technology is huge for content managers whose brand’s focus is on video. For example, the content managers of Red Bull, whose brand sponsors events and extreme sports athletes may have multiple streams they need to display at once. Also, Video as content digested differently by the consumer. If a user is sitting down to watch a stream or video, you have their attention to create a positive impact on the brand image in the eyes of the customer. Videos also bring into effect brand ambassadors and brand sponsored events. I know from my own experience as a content manager a central location to schedule and distribute content is invaluable. We see this with google analytics where a content manager can view behavior data for websites in one location. This new tool is offering that service but for video content.

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