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MVPindex partners with Twitch

Updated: Oct 9, 2019

According to Ben Fischer of the Sports Business Journal MVPindex, a social analytics company, struck a deal with Twitch, the video game streaming platform, to: “ deploy its media valuation tools across the game streaming platform, …, with the goal of giving more comprehensive and immediate feedback on the value of clients’ esports sponsorships”. MVPindex will also use it speech measure algorithms to provide additional engagement metrics beyond just impressions. Fisher quotes Colan Neese (Twitch’s senior manager of audience insights), “the arrangement will help Twitch better serve organizations for which it sells sponsorships”.


As a digital marketer and web analyst I believe being able to provide a return on investment is the most important aspect of our job. If an ad is being played on twitch, or a sponsorship for an e-sports team, is not providing substantial value from our investment it is our job as web analysts to inform the business users of this so they can make the necessary changes. What MVPindex is doing by deploying its valuation tools across twitch I believe is valuable for the streamers, so they can provide their worth and increase their ad revenue, and also for the digital marketers so they can measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. I will say that it is very hard to measure engagement and since I have never used MVPindex’s tools or service I am skeptical to put my endorsement behind their “speech measuring algorithms”. I would want to know what the activities and words that people are posting on their social medias or in the twitch chat that MVPindex is measure as positive or negative engagement before I present any insights to business users.


Thank you for reading! Please leave your thoughts below in the comment section! What do you think about what MVPindex is doing on Twitch? Who is your favorite streamer? Do you feel engaged when they have ads or sponsorships? How do you think a company should measure if you are engaged or not?

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