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Importance of Photography for Your Business

In social media marketing it’s very important to grab the user’s attention. They’re usually scrolling through and need some image to interrupt their thought process to get them to stop. That could be a page they know to have good content, Reputation, or it could be a great photo that causes them to stop and interact with it. That’s what we’re going to focus on in this article.

Now there are several topics that go into getting someone to stop and look at your post. The subject matter, which could get the user attention view many routes such as controversial, relevant, but the one we are focusing on is a high-quality image. Every business owner can create high quality images, we have these great devices called phones now that have high-quality cameras. It’s just taking the time an effort to learn the tricks and take the photo.

First, Use Natural Light

No light is better than natural like when presenting your focal point of the photo. Try to avoid using the flash while in the presence of natural like because it will over glare the photo. It’s always easier to edit a photo brighter than it is to make it darker and remove glare.

If you aren’t outside use areas near windows, or if it’s at night use ambient light, streetlights or store windows.

Second, Chose the Right Time

Often this is going to be difficult for some business owners because of the job requirements but there is a reason this is important. Photographers prefer certain times of day, for example the golden hour, when the sun is setting over the horizon makes a great golden color on the landscape.

That might not be available for some business owners, but then and now photos are available. Setting up a camera for time-lapses is available for remodeling or restoration companies. If you’re a roofing company, you may have certain clients with better landscapes behind their roof to showcase your beautiful repair. If you’re a restaurant certain times of the day are better food photography or access to certain sections of the dining area.

Third, Rule of Thirds

This is a composition principle that refers to balancing your image. You divide your picture frame into a 3x3 grid and align the objects in a photo along grid lines to create balance.

You could center a photo, or off center balanced asymmetry where the object is off center but is balanced by another object.

A pro tip is to turn on the grid lines feature on your camera settings

Fourth, Adapt Viewpoints

Often times we get too comfortable taking photos from the same angle. When you’re in the moment modify the angle of your photos to provide different viewpoints, lighting, and shading.

Fifth, Frame Your Subject

It’s always better to take a wider photo rather than zooming in. During the editing process you can zoom in and crop your photos, but once the shot is taken you can’t capture any more detail or vantage point. When you zoom on your phone, you’re simply pre-cropping the photo. Don’t do that.

Tap your phone to focus on the object/subject and take a wider view of your photo.

Sixth, Foreground and Background

When taking a photo add depth and leading lines to your view range. You can add depth by providing interesting imagery in the foreground or background of your image. For example, a piece of pizza on a place with a bright colored bandana or a beautiful new deck with the sun setting on the horizon behind it.

You can add leading lines to your photo to draw the attention of the user to your focal point. Having the subject matter present that the end of a straight line or where two natural elements meet draws the eye of the user to that point.

Finally, Just Be Creative and Weird

Stand out from the competition and provide something different and new. You never know what is going to take off online, for example the cranberry juice guy blew up for the past month. He was being creative and weird and people loved it. That can happen with your posts too.

Take advantage of your business and your team. Be creative and give them freedom to open up and create content for you.

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