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  • Richie Doherty

Quizlet Partnered With Tiktok

Tiktok the video social media app has partnered with Quizlet the online education flashcard tool. This is a partnership `is a match made in heaven. Many companies and marketers have slept on Tiktok and their massive influence, but not Quizlet. They did not view the new application as a fad but rather a chance to get in front of their major audience. According to Morning Brew, as of June 2020, 32.5% of US TikTok users were between the ages of 10 and 19—also known as flash card-aged". This is a huge boost for the education brand that will allow their users advanced access on a platform they are comfortable with. Tiktok CMO Brad Ramsey told Morning Brew, “We were impressed by the work TikTok has been doing to support online learning communities as students around the world navigate the difficult transition necessitated by COVID-19”.

The integration will allow tiktok creators the ability to link their quizlet cards to educational videos on the platform. This is another example of a company adapting to the ever changing landscape of social media marketing. In order to stay at the top and get your content in front of as many people as possible it's imperative to use these new platforms like Tiktok to entertain and create value for your audience. If you have never used Tiktok and you are a business owner I encourage you to get comfortable with the app and implement it into your marketing plan. Share this with your business partners and colleagues to encourage them to take part in this new wave.

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