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Some Interesting Facts about your zipcodes!

Where you and your company operate can be home to some of your most loyal customers. Figuring out some information about your area can tell you a lot about your current customers, and it could also tell you some information about new potential customers.

Here is some very interesting information I was able to discern about the zipcode I live in by using the US Census data searching tools. This tool will give you demographic and financial information about the residents that live in that area. It is completely free and the most accurate and representative information we have.

After looking at the population for my home region 22204, a neighborhood in southern Arlington, VA, using the 2019 estimates.


In this zip code the gender balance is equal around 50%. There is a large section of both genders, but the significance of equality in the proportion of genders indicates a large group of males living in the area as the national average is higher in females.

Beer companies would do well to market to this region’s sports teams and male tendencies.

Heineken Bottles of Beer on Ice

There are few children in the area, with under 19 only making up 23.5% of the population.

Since there are a smaller number of children in the area this would be a great area for travel companies to suggest adult type get away, like trips to Vegas, Atlantic City and the close MGM Baltimore casino.

Red and Blue Neon Casino Sign

This is insignificant compared to the age demographic of 25- 34 years old which makes up 22.7 %, and 35-44 makes up 17.3 % of the population. This type of population would be prime age for Mortgage Companies to market too. It is perfect age for home upgrades and refinancing. This is also the prime age for bars and clubs to market to these individuals. They are all legal age to drink and live close to the area.

A final unique age statistic is that only 9.4% of the population is over the age of 65%. That is going to exclude any senior based products and services from the area unless this population is underserved. This population needs to connected better, community involvement companies like community centers and religious communities can connect this tight nit smaller group.


The majority of the population in this region is one race at 96.2%. In the total population of the are 57.5 % of the population is White. Acne medication companies would do well to market in a region where there is a higher-than-average white race because of the nature of their oily skin.

Young girl waiting in line at Pharmacy

Even though the population is so diverse the most common language spoken at home is English with 51.2% speaking only English. 48.8% speaking something other than English.

o Staffing agencies who hire non-English speaking translators should market in this region to recruit more talent. Television advertisers will know that the majority of their watchers will understand the ads.


54% of the households in the region are married and the average household size is 2.39. Where there are families there 3.18 persons per household, which means most couples only have 1 child. The combined median income of the household earnings equals $113,993.

Couples counseling or couple activities like dancing, wine tasting, and other actives should market here. Day Care Services would also want to isolate in on this market


In terms of education this region’s population is highly educated with 56.8% of the population attaining a bachelor’s degree or higher. This high level of education has led to a high level of employment for the population of 16 and over, 74.3%. 73.8% of that workforce is private workforce. 67.9% of the workforce earns annually more than $50,000 per year.

Banks will be successful in this area as most employees will need accounts to hold their money. Higher education indicates higher incomes, luxury vehicle companies and clothing products could market like Lululemon and Ralph Lauren will be successful in this area.


It takes time and interest to use this tool but the information could be invaluable to your company's business and marketing strategy. Use this tool to analyze your surrounding areas, learn about your clientele and how you could fit into their needs. You may also learn about a niche client you never had!

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