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  • Richie Doherty

TikTok: A Great Opportunity For Your Brand


Jason McDonald’s blog post about TikTok campaign strategies and features marketers can exploit is a great deep dive into a new and otherwise unknown platform. Jason is correct in saying, “It’s the new, new thing when it comes to social media marketing and social media advertising”. It is a platform that many businesses have yet to venture into yet and is a great opportunity in my opinion for businesses to grow their online brand. Here we will cover what makes TikTok so different and what you can do to capitalize on it.

Jason highlights how TikTok has three distinct difference in its set up than any other social media platform, it’s short video-centric content, music-centric trends, and silly and fun feel. The biggest differentiator for TikTok is the music aspect, Jason points out that music is central to TikTok’s algorithm and allows users to search for videos by song. It expands on its ability to simply have hashtags to attach to trends, you can match music to a trend. In terms of content he speaks about how user generated content (UGC) and engagement are the most important areas for marketers to exploit on TikTok. Get users engaged with your silly content with likes, comments and shares, or attach yourself to trends so your fans can connect you with that trend. Your fans can even make their own videos using your product or service, then you can share that one your platforms. Free Content. We see that with this example of Wendy's.

I think Jason’s explanation is fantastic and a TikTok is a huge opportunity for businesses to increase their brand image. First because of how small/new it is brands can quickly fill up the market share of the feed. It would take way too much ad spend on the other social media platforms to accomplish and impossible organically. Here on TikTok businesses can build up a following and brand image before TikTok adjusts its algorithms to punish business pages, like what we see on Facebook. In order to capitalize on this you need to get out their and start creating and posting TikTok content for your business.

Next, the ability to match your brand with trends and music is fantastic for brand image. In my opinion it is easy pickings for content creators and gets the vitality points on your posts. Instantly a brand can go viral by attaching itself to a video or music trend. TikTok has trending songs in the platform. You can look at those to get ideas and then attach your brand to them. Then when someone searches a video with that song on it your video will show up in the results too. Another way to match other social media trends and apply that to TikTok.

Finally, it has great connections with the other social medias, videos created on TikTok can easily be transferred to Instagram, but you can’t transfer Instagram Reals to TikTok. You can a two for one on your content if you upload it to TikTok first. This will connect your already strong Instagram account with your new TikTok account giving you a head start with your super fans.

Overall, I think TikTok is a great opportunity to get your brand in front of many eyes quickly and attach your brand to some pretty fun trends.

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