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Try Out Morning Brew - A free news subscription

This semester I joined the Morning Brew Ambassador Program. This is a great opportunity for me to practice my brand marketing skills and get experience selling a great product. I also get a chance to work on a team to promote a product I love! I have read this news program every morning to start my day for the past eight months. The process is simple and FREE, you click this link and it will send you to a signup page where you input your email address, they will send you a confirmation email, click the link and VOILA! Just like that you’re getting unbiased finance content every morning.

About Morning Brew

Morning Brew is a daily newsletter designed for young business professionals. Each morning email has a stock market recap, a few short briefs on the most important business news of the day and a small section with lifestyle content. The best part about Morning Brew is their ability to provide informative content in a light-hearted manner! They’re very funny by include inserting puns into their headlines or articles, funny gifs and images or even showing the funny side of a current situation. It is really a great light hearted informative way to start your morning. They even have crossword puzzles!

No Unwanted Advertising!

In the eight months I’ve been reading Morning Brew I can say I have never received a spam email from them. Signing up is safe, they have not sold my information for unwanted advertising or marketing campaigns. They do advertise within their newsletter but there are no pop ups or annoying side bars, they use native advertising and a clearly marked section so you are aware it is advertising. Even though most advertising gets a bad reputation, they only promote great products! I signed up for a great deal on a wine subscription thanks to Morning Brew.

So take the chance and expand your knowledge base! You will learn about current events in a light hearted, informative and unbiased manner. It is great for staying up to date with finance and business trends without paying for hefty subscriptions or being bombarded with unwanted advertising. It has worked for me, I read it every morning, and I would recommend it to you if I didn’t think this was a great product to get behind.

Comment below on your experience with Morning Brew and other newsletters! Which ones am I missing out on?


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